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Championing Men’s Health in North Dakota

Nationwide, men are more likely than women to engage in unhealthy and unsafe behavior, and the same can be said for men in North Dakota. In this article, Contributing Author, Hannah Hanson, offers insight into the ways North Dakota and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are taking charge of this disparity and implementing key programs to improve lifelong outcomes for men and boys. CONTINUE READING

Playing It Safe: Acetaminophen Safe Use and Men’s Health Month

Helping men to make decisions that keep them healthy and safe. Men’s Health Month is the perfect time to put these safe use steps into practice. In this blog, Dr. Julius Johnson talks about men and the pain they feel day-to-day as a result of living an active lifestyle. CONTINUE READING

Dissecting the Allure of the Anti-Hero

Since the advent of the sexual revolution and its ideological predecessors of early progressivism and suffragettism, men have felt increasingly disenfranchised and frankly, their very personhood, unnecessary. In today's blog, we look at the Anti-Hero... Who is He, in what ways is He a reiterative conductor of mytho-masculinist philosophy, and in what ways is he in diametrical opposition to traditional gender roles. CONTINUE READING

Marijuana and Men: The Growing Cannabis Industry and Its Impact

Not surprisingly, boys and men are more likely to engage in cannabis use, a trend that models other substances, such as alcohol, amphetamines, and other drugs. Educational level plays a role in substance use. Young men who are not going into college and careers directly out of high school are particularly vulnerable. CONTINUE READING

overcoming the daily grind

How Men Can Overcome the Daily Grind

Modern life can be incredibly stressful and demanding. According to the American Institute of Stress, Americans are 20 percent more stressed than everyone else. For many, managing their workloads, health, relationships, and everything else has become a juggling act. People have too-full plates and commonly feel overwhelmed, burdened, burned out, and demotivated by it all.... CONTINUE READING