The Case for Prostate Cancer Diagnostics & Treatments

The Case for Prostate Cancer Diagnostics & Treatments Written By: Cassie Whyte A few days ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with prominent Urologist, prostate cancer expert, and men’s health advocate, Dr. E David Crawford. Throughout his decades of experience, Dr. Crawford has dedicated himself to improving prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment, as well...Continue reading

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A New Problem: Popular Male Fertility Procedure Can Lower Testosterone Levels

Testosterone has been top of mind in medicine over the last decade. And for good reason: It is now clear that testosterone in men is essential for normal growth, maturation, health, and well-being. In the brain, “vitamin T” influences sex drive, assertiveness, mood, energy, thinking and verbal memory. It increases muscle strength and maintains normal...Continue reading

april is testicular cancer awareness month

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month: It’s Time to Support Life-Saving Testicular Self-Exams

Dear Healthy Men: I just read that the United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) is recommending against men and boys doing testicular self-exams. What could possibly be wrong with educating young men about how to examine themselves for early signs of cancer? A: I agree completely—and I’m far from alone. In fact, an entire coalition...Continue reading

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Testicular Cancer: Unpreventable Yet Very Treatable

Ok, how many of you guys out there know that April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month?  Unfortunately, most guys, not even many health care providers know that April is the month dedicated to making sure adolescent boys and men know about this potentially lethal problem. Men’s Health Network ( would like to give you 8...Continue reading

February is Cancer Prevention Month; thankfully there’s some good news

February is Cancer Prevention Month, and with that comes the need to express how important it is to visit your doctor and get screened for this disease should you feel ill or are in pain. While most people associate cancer for all the hard realities that come with it: chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, transplants, etc., there’s...Continue reading

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New Year Equals New Opportunities To Stay on Top Of Your Health

You know what they say: New Year equals a new me, right? Well, despite the overwhelming feeling of relief by many that our calendars have flipped from 2020 to 2021, it is absolutely vital to both men and women to make a plan to stay on top of their health. Some could read that last...

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Testicular Cancer Awareness Month: Patient Perspective Blog Post

It was a routine sports physical for my high school rowing team sophomore year of high school. My family medicine doctor performed all head-to-toe items on the form’s checklist, including the dreaded “turn and cough.” While going over my family history, the doctor asked about previous illnesses and cancers in the family. I was aware...Continue reading

testicular cancer awareness

Do You Have Testicular Cancer? The U.S. Preventive Service Task Force Doesn’t Want You to Know

I am a 22-year-old man, and I have some questions for men of whom I am concerned. Gentlemen, have you had any action down there lately? No, I meant have you self-checked your testicles for any abnormalities – bumps, lumps, or humps? Regardless of your activity or lack thereof down south, you should. According to...Continue reading

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