Male nurse holding tablet

How Nurses Can Engage Men In Preventive Care

Men and women tend to take very different approaches to their health care. Women generally seek routine care for gynecology issues and childbearing. On the other hand, most men don’t typically have a pressing need for regular health care once they leave the pediatrician. But self-awareness and preventive action are essential in detecting many diseases...Continue reading

Reigniting The War on Cancer

Intense rigor and standards make up the core values of scientific research and medical progress. Though a sequential, slow and arduous process, this empirical approach has become the standard because of the track record of safety and reassurance it has institutionalized when medical advances are brought to market. Yet, for public health issues in desperate...Continue reading

Fighting prostate cancer in the Mississippi Delta, one man at a time

In the impoverished communities of the Mississippi Delta, where prostate cancer death rates are more than 28 men per 100,000, residents were leery about the concept of research. Delta residents were deeply concerned about exploitation and feared that participating in cancer research would make them guinea pigs. So Freddie White-Johnson created a community cancer outreach...

Bob Dole, a champion for men’s health issues, announces lung cancer diagnosis

Former United States Senator Bob Dole at a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery | May 28, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks, via Flickr). Men’s Health Network (MHN), a national DC-based non-profit that advocates for the health and well-being of men, boys, and their families, extends our best wishes for a...

February is Cancer Prevention Month; thankfully there’s some good news

February is Cancer Prevention Month, and with that comes the need to express how important it is to visit your doctor and get screened for this disease should you feel ill or are in pain. While most people associate cancer for all the hard realities that come with it: chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, transplants, etc., there’s...Continue reading

metastatic bone disease

Experiencing Odd Aches and Pains? When to Ask About Cancer and Metastatic Bone Disease

An achy bone. Constipation. Severe thirst. While these symptoms might not seem to have anything in common, they can all signify more serious conditions, including Metastatic Bone Disease (MBD). Many cancers that start in one place can spread (metastasize) to other areas of the body. When it spreads to the bone, it’s called MBD.Continue reading

Can Mindfulness Impact Your Biology When You’re Fighting Cancer?

The following is adapted from Cancer: The Journey from Diagnosis to Empowerment. After being diagnosed with cancer, you’ve probably heard people say, “Think positive thoughts.” They talk about the mind-body connection and how reducing your stress can help you heal.  But can being mindful of your thoughts and emotions really affect your biology in the...Continue reading

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