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Surgery and Steroids: The Price of Being Super Human

In today’s world, the difference between success and failure is measured in milliseconds not minutes. Striving to be better, faster, and stronger, pushing the limits of human endurance… becoming super human. To reach such heights is difficult to achieve, let alone maintain. This pressure to achieve super human levels leads some to use steroids. Despite...Continue reading

Diagnosed with Testicular Cancer? Know Your Options

Testicular cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in younger men, aged 15 through 35. Luckily with early detection and treatment, about 96-99 percent of patients with testicular cancer survive this diagnosis and remain cancer free for 5 or many more years after. Even when testicular cancer is caught in more advanced stages, the cure rate is...Continue reading

Treatment options for patients with ejaculatory dysfunction

By, Matthew Coward, M.D., Department of Urology, University of North Carolina   Despite much less attention than erectile dysfunction and other male fertility problems, ejaculatory dysfunction can be one of the most frustrating sexual symptoms a patient can experience.. The purpose of ejaculation is to deposit sperm into the vagina for reproduction, and most men...Continue reading

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