What is Herbal Viagra and what did it do to Lamar Odom?

Over-The-Counter Viagra for Erectile Dysfunction As a urologist at Urology Associates, with over 10 years of expertise in erectile dysfunction and sexual medicine, I’m often asked about the legitimacy and safety of over-the-counter (OTC) herbal “Viagra” supplements that are made to assist with erections. This year, these inquiries skyrocketed following the tragic news of Lamar Odom’s overdose at...Continue reading

Are Energy Drinks and Health Supplements Good of You?

One of the fastest growing trends in the US market today is energy drinks and supplements. With $9 billion of sales and an increasing number of adults 18-35 years old using them, energy drinks are becoming a part of our culture. However, they have been linked to heart problems and even death. This is worsened with the mix of alcohol...Continue reading

Are New Fathers Fatter?

“It’s not about me anymore, is it Doc?” I hear this all the time from men I helped to become new Dads. New responsibility, new priorities, new love. Maybe that’s why having children has been called one of few “vertical moves” in life. While fatherhood changes many a life, it’s also no bed of roses....Continue reading

Want Some Bio-Identical Testosterone?

So, you’re thinking of taking testosterone supplements because of all of the good things you’ve heard. Why not take “bio-identical testosterone” instead of the usual, pharmaceutical grade stuff, otherwise known as “patentable pseudo-testosterone?” Gees, I dunno. I thought that testosterone was testosterone, a simple pile of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules arranged in 4 rings...Continue reading

Body Talk: The Body-to-Mind connection: Missing link to lasting solutions

Your body’s talking: are you listening?! What do you do to relieve persistent physical discomfort or illness? Reach for pain pills? Nutritional supplements? Go to a chiropractor or massage therapist? Do a cleansing detox? Perhaps you meditate, do some yoga or take a walk. Maybe you’ve had to face the difficult choice of whether to undergo...Continue reading

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