Five Healthy Tactics To Celebrate Father’s Day

By Kimatni D. Rawlins, Fit Fathers It’s no enigmatic secret that Father’s Day clearly doesn’t bring the excitement and allure in relation to the celebratory activities that mothers receive on their day of recognition. Which is fine because mothers are the foundation of human existence. Their 9-month nurturing alone holds enough weight to debate any...Continue reading

Secret to Better Sex? Get Better Sleep!

According to a new study, getting better sleep is the key to having better sex. Young women were more likely to have an appetite for sex and actually have sex if during the previous night, they slept better. The study’s lead author, David Kalmbach, said the results do not necessarily mean women should be sleeping...Continue reading

Living with Prostate Cancer: It’s Complicated

I guess it’s part of the male provider-protector thing: A recent survey found that men with advanced prostate cancer worry more about burdening their family and friends than about dying. That’s only one surprising fact from a fascinating and sometimes puzzling survey called The Advanced Prostate Cancer Patient and Caregiver Burden of Illness Study.Continue reading

For Men, Time Spent with Family Members Can Be a Lifesaver

There’s plenty of research that shows that people (men and women) who spend time with friends have higher levels of well-being than those who don’t. Makes sense, doesn’t it? A new study just published in a British health journal went a step further. It turns out that having a wide circle of close relatives (outside...Continue reading

Reality and Real Men: Opening up About Men’s Mental Health Issues

Depression and anxiety have been diagnosed at unprecedented levels in this country for years, and seem to only rise in concordance with the pace and demands of our time. Further, in an America that today is so identified with stress and success, not to mention the heightened burdens of economic struggle, we often ignore our...Continue reading

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