Championing Men’s Health in North Dakota

Nationwide, men are more likely than women to engage in unhealthy and unsafe behavior, and the same can be said for men in North Dakota. In this article, Contributing Author, Hannah Hanson, offers insight into the ways North Dakota and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are taking charge of this disparity and implementing key programs to improve lifelong outcomes for men and boys.Continue reading

The Wrong Prescription At Exactly The Wrong Time: Build Back Better Prescription Negotiation Strategies Will Limit Access To Needed Medications and Chill Innovation

Men’s Health Network (MHN) as do all Americans, want to insure access to affordable, effective and safe medications.  There have been many suggested approaches on how to achieve this goal, including those now being negotiated as part of the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better legislative package.  Analysis of the proposed approaches to achieve the goal...Continue reading

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Congress Should Put Patients First

Washington, DC (June 10, 2021) – Men’s Health Network (MHN), a national non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness of men’s health issues, released the following statement regarding HR 3, the House’s drug pricing package: While it is encouraging that legislators are working to lower health care costs, it’s imperative that the means of...Continue reading

President Calls Attention to Prostate Cancer Awareness Month In Statement

Men’s Health Network has been involved in prostate cancer awareness and treatment education for over 25 years.  MHN is gratified that President Trump has also recognized the importance of this awareness month. President Donald J. Trump announced his support for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in a statement on Sept. 1. “Prostate cancer is the most...Continue reading

Five Key Principles to Sound Prescription Medication Pricing Reform

Congress and policy makers in Washington are intently focused on how to optimally manage the cost of prescription medications.  Many proposals have already been released, and it’s likely that this focus will continue well into the 2020 elections and beyond.  This is perfectly appropriate, given that access to medications is a cornerstone of the management...Continue reading

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Potential Adverse Impacts of Poorly Designed Medication Pricing Policy

As our country and the world continue to battle the COVID19 pandemic, the need for reliable, safe, effective, and high-quality diagnostic tests and treatment medications becomes more urgent every day. As does the need to maintain a safe and secure supply of technology and raw materials. Our overreliance on non-US sources for critical medical products...Continue reading

june is men's health month

Men’s Health Month: 26 Years of Progress—But Still a Long Way to Go

In 1994, when Men’s Health Month first launched, women outlived men by 6.6 years. By 2017, that gender gap had narrowed to five years. Why the dramatic change? Well, Men’s Health Month (MHM) itself has played an important role. Celebrated every June across the country and around the world, MHM features screenings, health fairs, media...Continue reading

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Prescription Drug Concessions and Rebates: Keeping the Focus on the Patient

Virtually anyone in America who takes a prescription medication has that medication processed and paid for through a for-profit business called a Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) company.  These companies provide a very valuable service in the transaction between your local pharmacy and the health insurers or other payers like state or federal health programs I...Continue reading

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