Championing Men’s Health in North Dakota

Nationwide, men are more likely than women to engage in unhealthy and unsafe behavior, and the same can be said for men in North Dakota. In this article, Contributing Author, Hannah Hanson, offers insight into the ways North Dakota and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are taking charge of this disparity and implementing key programs to improve lifelong outcomes for men and boys.Continue reading

Shining a Light on Men’s Mental Health: A Vital Focus During Mental Health Month

May is recognized as Mental Health Month, providing an invaluable opportunity to raise awareness and understanding about mental health issues. In this blog, we explore and discuss the significance of Mental Health Month for men, boys, and their families.Continue reading

Vaccine Access: How Race, Sex, and Class Impact Health Equity in the Pandemic Age

Pandemics have a way of shining a harsh light on inequities in our society. In recent years, we’ve seen global outbreaks that required rapid vaccine dissemination. But those vaccines often reach some communities more slowly than others—the same ones that are struck hardest by the pandemic and have the greatest need for healthcare intervention. Disparities...Continue reading

A Tale of Five Men’s Health Septembers

Dear Healthy Men: I know that Men’s Health Month was a few months ago, but shouldn’t we be paying attention to men’s health all year ‘round? A: Absolutely! That’s what we try to do here at Healthy Men—and it’s actually pretty easy. There are health-related awareness periods every month (Men’s Health Month, which you mentioned, is...Continue reading

Hospitals Must do Better to Address Minority Health

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, ensuring one’s physical health became the priority. As the toll of social distancing and prolonged stay-in-place orders have shown, the importance of addressing mental health and well-being is integral to our COVID-19 response for all, but particularly for people of color. Minority communities across the nation have experienced greater rates...Continue reading

Grooming “Down There:” Fashion Trend or Health Hazard?

Women have been trimming (or removing outright) their pubic hair for thousands of years. Men generally enjoy the results (in a recent study by, 41% of men said they prefer women with no pubic hair at all, while 38% said they prefer a nice trim), but they’ve traditionally remained shaggier than their women. That,...Continue reading

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