stem cell reserch

New Medical Advancements and Innovations Using Stem Cells

Stem cell research is shaping the treatment of many of the world’s most prevalent disorders and diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, spinal cord injury and Parkinson’s. Stem cells are cells that are able to divide for indefinite periods. That unique ability enables stem cells to develop into specialized cells from any organ in the body,...Continue reading

dads are as important as moms

Why Dads Matter As Much As Moms

For many decades, conventional wisdom told us that when it came to child development, mothers were the most important parent. Fathers, apparently, weren’t good for much more than piggybacks, reading an occasional bedtime story, and, of course, discipline. Researchers who studied child development bought into that conventional wisdom and rarely bothered to investigate whether dads...Continue reading

What Health Experts Are Doing To Better Diagnose And Treat Mental Health Disorders

What Health Experts Are Doing to Better Diagnose and Treat Mental Health Disorders

Society as a whole has been late to come around to the idea that mental disorders and diseases can be diagnosed and actively treated. Mental health professionals and healthcare experts have adopted many new techniques and strategies over the years to help mental illness sufferers and their families live healthy, productive lives.   Educating Families...Continue reading

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