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How Does the mRNA COVID Vaccine Alter Us Genetically?

Actually, it doesn’t. It’s not putting a DNA “genetic code” into our bodies. Instead, it’s an injection of the downstream instructions for protein-making molecules called mRNA. These molecules are quickly broken down by cells soon after being injected and don’t have the capacity to genetically “transform” cells like DNA can. Some other facts about the...Continue reading


COVID-19 mutation is seen across U.S., but is not a cause for panic, according to experts

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreck havoc across the globe, the United States has seen cases of the COVID-19 variant that was first discovered in the United Kingdom across California and Colorado. Despite this unpleasant reality, experts are unsure if the vaccines being released will protect against this form of virus mutation. Dr. Salvatore...Continue reading

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Men Slightly More Willing to Be Vaccinated Against Covid-19; Blacks Less Confident in Vaccine

As hospitalizations and deaths surge from the novel coronavirus that has claimed more than 258,000 lives, help is on the way. Pfizer and Moderna hope to have functional coronavirus vaccines ready to begin distribution within weeks; on Monday, AstraZeneca announced that its vaccine, too, had proved highly effective in late-stage trials. Pfizer and Moderna are hoping to get...Continue reading

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Do We Have Vaccination Amnesia?

It is natural to dismiss dangers that are rarely seen. That has become our present circumstance with respect to many devastating infectious diseases. Since medicine has made significant progress against its former greatest adversaries, complacent beliefs have flourished. Surprisingly, a new malady has arisen and we are now suffering from a growing amnesia regarding the...Continue reading

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