My Men’s Movement: 45 Years on the Path

Part 1 My Father, Myself, My Future By Jed Diamond, PhD  When I began writing this I realized I couldn’t talk about the Men’s Movement because, for me, my involvement is personal and I don’t seem to fit within any one tributary within the Men’s Movement river.   Wikipedia says, “The men’s movement is a social...Continue reading

Childless by Choice

Writer and filmmaker Jason Headley ( published a poignant essay in about his decision to be childless. Excerpts from his well-considered point of view are presented here, with his permission: “Picture this: I’m thirty-four years old. I’ve been married four and a half years. I don’t have any children. People ask, ‘When are you guys going...Continue reading


The following is an excerpt from John Lee’s forthcoming book, Breaking the Mother-Son Dynamic, due out in 2015. One day in my mid-forties I called my mother and very gently and compassionately said, “Mom, you’re fired! I don’t need you to be mothering me anymore. In mid-life, I had been a college teacher for twelve...Continue reading

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