Too Much of a Good Thing, Part II: Bald Men Are More Likely to Succeed?

men with shaved head perceived as more masculine, stronger, but less attractiveDespite all the talk about baldness and prostate cancer going gene in gene, not all the news is bad. In fact, being bald may give men some distinct advantages.

Men with shaved heads (as opposed to those who go bald by losing their hair naturally) are perceived as more masculine, dominant, confident, and having more leadership potential than men with more hair, according to a new study done at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Men with shaved heads are also seen as taller (by an inch or so), older (by 4 years), and stronger (able to bench press 15 pounds more).
Again, the issue here is perception. Men whose hair was Photoshopped away get rated as taller and stronger than the same guys with their actual hair in place.
As you might expect, there’s another side to the story. Yes, if you shave your head, you might be perceived as more manly and all the reset. But, according to the study, you’ll also be rated as less attractive. Something to consider if you’re a single guy…


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