Exercise Reduces Prostate Cancer For Some

First, there is good news and then there is some bad news. A recent study shows that exercise does reduce the risk of prostate cancer, but in older, white men. Where does this leave African-American men? They are already at a higher risk of prostate cancer when compared to other racial groups.

Just as there is a link between reduced risk of prostate cancer in moderately or highly active white men over the age of 53, black men don’t show the same response. They can pump all the iron they want, run on the treadmill for hours or take up alternative fitness regimes, but differences in hormones and genetics might stand in their way, scientists say. It is necessary for future research to investigate why exercise does not have a similar effect on African-American men.  That may take us a step closer to preventing prostate cancer.

The news shouldn’t be completely discouraging though, since some critics of the study suggest that it is too small and premature to draw conclusions from.

307 men (164 white and 143 black) participated in it, and answered questions designed to gauge their weekly physical activity. Out of these, 125 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer and 45 percent of those were black.

While these findings might not be the most promising for black men, it shouldn’t be forgotten that regular physical activity reduces risks to many other illnesses and diseases. Eating right and exercising are the first steps in keeping ourselves healthy, and these habits should be taught from an early age.

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