Soak Up The Sun To Keep Away Diabetes

As if winter blues weren’t reason enough to seek out the sun, it appears that there is one more excuse to take that beach vacation you’ve been contemplating for a while. On a serious note though, adequate levels of vitamin D have been linked with reducing the risk of type 1 diabetes by half. And the most abundantly and naturally available source of vitamin D is sun’s rays.

Talking about type 1 diabetes, it is an autoimmune disorder and it differs from type 2 diabetes which is caused due to obesity. Type 1 diabetes destroys the beta cells in your pancreas that produce insulin, and vitamin D from sunshine (produced when our skin is exposed to the sun) interferes to save those cells.

Not only that, but having sufficient levels of vitamin D in the body is essential to your overall health. Besides sun’s rays, it is also found in fortified milk, eggs and fatty fish (so you know what to munch on if your dietary needs permit it). Winter can take a serious toll on this necessary vitamin, but supplements might help boost its levels till you can head out and enjoy that natural sunlight again.

Soaking up the sun for better health doesn’t sound too bad at all, but don’t forget to use sunscreen.

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