do this if you want love to last

The One Thing You Must Do If You Want Love to Last

Love has been a complicated presence in my life from the very beginning. My parents had been trying, unsuccessfully, to have a baby for many years. My mother was finally able to get pregnant through a procedure of collecting and injecting my father’s sperm into her womb (a procedure that was “experimental” seventy-plus years ago)....Continue reading

Secret to Better Sex? Get Better Sleep!

According to a new study, getting better sleep is the key to having better sex. Young women were more likely to have an appetite for sex and actually have sex if during the previous night, they slept better. The study’s lead author, David Kalmbach, said the results do not necessarily mean women should be sleeping...Continue reading

4 Healthy Ways Chocolate Can Affect Your Sweetheart

According to the National Confectioners Association, more than 36 million boxes of chocolate will be purchased for Valentine’s gifts this year. When you get yet another heart-shaped box from your sweetie on V-Day, don’t lament his lack of imagination. Chocolate is an excellent Valentine’s gift, and not just because it’s tradition. It actually has a...Continue reading

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