Secret to Better Sex? Get Better Sleep!

According to a new study, getting better sleep is the key to having better sex. Young women were more likely to have an appetite for sex and actually have sex if during the previous night, they slept better.

The study’s lead author, David Kalmbach, said the results do not necessarily mean women should be sleeping longer, just “better.” It’s important to get a healthy amount of sleep each night, as opposed to sleeping more hours. A healthy amount of sleep can improve sexual appetite and health.

The study found that women who slept for one extra hour at night were 14 percent more likely to have sex with their partner the following day. It also found that women who slept longer got more aroused than women who got less sleep. The findings of the study also point out that not getting enough sleep can reduce sexual appetite and arousal in women.

SEX - by Jean KOULEV
SEX – by Jean KOULEV

Researchers in the study gathered data from 171 female college students. Half of the women completed daily questionnaires regarding their sexual mood, sexual function, and sleeping patterns over a two week period. The other half of the women were controlled for things that had an influence on sexual appetite, like using birth control pills, menstrual cycle, or overall health.

The results showed that the average amount of sleep the women in the study got was seven hours and 22 minutes each night. Of the women, about 20 percent reported having very high levels of “sexual distress.” Interestingly, women also had better vaginal lubrication and arousal the day after getting less sleep, but women who slept longer had better arousal.

This study also supports prior research regarding men and sexual desire. It has been found that men who experience less sleep have lower testosterone levels and ultimately, lower sexual desire.


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  1. Sam DrexlerApril 14, 2015

    Has this study been replicated for male college students? How does age factor into the relationship between sleep quality and sexual?

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