Things To Remind Your Special Lady

Courtesy: The Fearless Self
Courtesy: The Fearless Self

Dear Men,

I’ve been in my fair share of relationships, and knowing how to say the right things to your lady can most certainly help your relationships thrive.

Not sure of what NOT to say? Check out our previous post on that here. Men, most women love romance. To be continually wooed and reminded of why you are the center of her entire world are what keeps us happy! Many times my guy friends say to me, we already know what NOT to say but what SHOULD I be saying?

Well fellas, here are a couple of things that you should always remind your lady …

  1. She is loved – this may sound a little silly and should go without saying but there is such value in being reminded that we are loved. Nothing makes your heart flutter than knowing that someone out there loves you …just you! Reminding your lady that she is the one that you love will surely get her in a good mood.
  2. She is protected – yes, this is the one time we need your chests puffed out and you exhibiting primal qualities! If a man disrespects your lady while out sir, please make a deal out of it! This is probably the one time where you steppin’ and say ‘hey man, that’s my girl’, will get you all kinds of brownie points … sometimes even lets you into the cookie jar!
  3. She is beautiful – notice that this isn’t the most important or even the second most important reminder. Reminding a woman that she is beautiful everyday, but not how much you love her (by your words and actions) honestly doesn’t count for much. If you are dating a woman who is self aware, being shown how much she is loved versus being told she is beautiful will win out any day! But, sometimes women need to be reminded that they are in fact beautiful before they put their face on! Reminding her that she is the reason you are there is what is important – not her looks – although it doesn’t hurt to be told that you are banging now and again! Remember beauty goes beyond ‘looks’ there are many things that make a lady beautiful besides a well made up face. Does she cook? Does her smile light up the room? Does she give you a confidence that makes you feel superhuman? That’s what I’m talking about men!

All right fellas, let’s start here and see how you do! Share with us if any of these tips helped you out or if you have some of your own! – See more at:

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