How to Impress Her on Valentine’s Day

Think organic this Valentine’s Day. (Courtesy:
Think organic this Valentine’s Day. (Courtesy:

You asked her for a date on Valentine’s Day. Now what? You really want to impress her. Dinner and a movie? A dinner show? Just dinner? A ball game? Hot tubbing or a spa? Karaoke? Salsa dancing? Split some chocolate lava cake? The pressure is on. It must be perfect. What’s a guy to do?

Start by relaxing. In most cases, she wants what you want: To meet someone who’s interesting. Do what you’re most comfortable doing and not what you think she wants to do. Show your true colors. And smile. You’re good enough.

Non-Compete Clause

I managed to get a second date with the most beautiful woman I have ever met on Valentine’s Day. I knew that I was up against some pretty fierce competition and I figured that she had seen it all. Vegas, LA, New York, Monaco, the Riviera. How could I compete? So, I made her dinner at my place. Tarragon infused, mandolin potato encrusted sea bass with basil soda bread and a pear tart for dessert. And a reasonably good bottle of Rioja wine. Oh, and a really nice orchid. She’s now my wife.

A Man Among Men

My dear late stepfather taught me a whole bunch about what it means to be a man. He was a model of consistency, bringing my mother flowers every time he stopped by to say hello. He did it for two simple reasons: he liked flowers and he liked her. After a good year or so, and against all odds, my mother fell in love. And that was that. What made this man great, though, was that over the next three decades, day in and day out, he treated my mother as though they had just met. Nothing seemed to change from day one, because that was who he really was. A truly timeless love.

Go Organic

So, instead of going over the top, try keeping it organic this Valentine’s Day. Stay in your comfort zone. Keep expectations at bay and enjoy the moment. Offer up something more valuable than all the money and things you have: offer her some of you. Just a taste. Maybe a bite. And because the stress is off, there’s a good chance your performance will be on, which greatly improves the likelihood that it’ll be a Valentine’s Day that she’ll remember.

Dr. Paul Turek, Medical Contributor

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