Reversing the “Older” Vasectomy: A Surgeon’s Point of View

I’m not sure exactly why, but I see a lot of men with “older” (>15 year old) vasectomies who want them reversed. It’s a daily occurrence. Sure, I have published and lectured on this topic, but I think patients also sense that I have a particular interest in these more complex cases. They fall smack into the crosshairs of my interest, skill and expertise.

Fully Loaded

There’s a lot more going on with reversing the “older” vasectomy than you might imagine. In addition to the simple problem of undoing a man-made blockage, there are a host of other issues to consider when reversing men with “older” vasectomies.

All in, both art and medicine are behind the decision to reverse the “older” vasectomy. In a sense, surgeons should have the bigger and longer view what will happen after surgery. Indeed, in the words of Pablo Picasso, the surgeon must “[wash] the dust of daily life off [their] souls” and foresee the true potential that patients have to be fathers again.

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Dr. Paul Turek, Medical Contributor

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