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Three Reasons to Rethink Your Health Regime

There are a seemingly endless amount of ways to take your health into your own hands. However, when looking at popular media’s take on men’s health, it wouldn’t seem that way. Consume more protein. Lift heavy weights. Drink this shake. Men’s health advice seems to be limited to a few lines, and repetitive, pushing the same exhausted narrative over and over again. There are good reasons to rethink your health routine. The results might surprise you.

1. Practicing yoga can boost brain function, improve digestion and can lead to better sex

It’s true. Exercise, including yoga, can improve brain function. Specifically, just 20 minutes of hatha yoga is said to stimulate brain function more than jogging or walking on a treadmill for the same amount of time, according to the Journal of Physical Activity and Health. Also, in addition to improving digestion, practicing yoga can help fight food cravings. The Journal of the American Dietetic Association reports that regular yoga practice is linked to more mindful eating. And finally, yoga can improve your sex life. Yoga reduces anxiety and it also increases body awareness, as well as confidence. On a more physical level, yoga boosts sexual arousal and increases blood flow to the genital area.

2. Drinking tea isn’t just for the royals

What’s hydrating, full of antioxidants and can help you lose weight? Tea! Incorporating this beverage into your regular routine could improve your healthy lifestyle. Green tea, for example, has high levels of antioxidants that can fight a series of different things from cancer cells to dandruff and skin disorders. Black tea can assist with bad breath, as it is linked to stopping the growth of bacteria that causes bad breath in the first place. Plus, black tea is a serious immune booster. And oolong tea, like black tea, can boost your immunity, and it is said to aid in weight loss, too, Men’s Journal reports. Drinking a cup of tea brewed fresh from a teapot is a great way to start or end any day. Remember, staying hydrated is essential to your health. Before working out, experts advice drinking 17 to 20 ounces of water two to three hours before a workout and throughout your exercise.

3. Wearing a face mask can benefit your skin

What do Orlando Bloom, Chris Pratt and Diddy all have in common? All three men have snapped photos of themselves donning face masks. Face masks have a number of benefits. Sheet masks, for example, contain an array of ingredients that can give you brighter, younger-appearing skin. These types of masks can even condition your skin when shaving, and make the entire shaving process simpler, as the masks moisturize the skin, soften your facial hair follicles, thus making it easier to shave. However, applying a mask if you already have some razor burn is a bad idea. A mask could actually irritate the skin even more. Experts advise not to put on a mask after a sweat-drenched workout, as this will trap bacteria on your skin and could cause acne. Additionally, experts suggest avoiding masks that contain oil-stripping ingredients or pore-clogging balms. Rather, look for ingredients like clay, as it clears dead skin cells and can help absorb oil.

There’s more to your overall health than just the aesthetics of big muscles. It’s time to rethink your health regime.

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