men our grandfathers were

We Are Fully the Men Our Grandfathers Were

Upon reading Nellie Bowles great piece “The Dawning of Sperm Awareness” in the New York Times about the conundrum of our dropping sperm counts, I asked myself: “Am I coming across as a disruptor by not being particularly worried that we are headed toward extinction?” I thought it a good opportunity to unpack the beef behind this belief. Sperm...Continue reading

Reversing the “Older” Vasectomy: A Surgeon’s Point of View

I’m not sure exactly why, but I see a lot of men with “older” (>15 year old) vasectomies who want them reversed. It’s a daily occurrence. Sure, I have published and lectured on this topic, but I think patients also sense that I have a particular interest in these more complex cases. They fall smack into the crosshairs of my interest, skill and...Continue reading

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