MMA Workouts to Shed Excess Pounds

When the average person looks at a professional MMA fighter on fight night, they likely see a ripped physical specimen hovering somewhere around an ultra-lean 7% body fat. This image of body perfection may seem like an unattainable ideal to the millions of desk jockeys out there whose most strenuous daily physical activity likely consists of picking up the kids or a few minutes on a treadmill. But that’s the point: there’s no need to drop everything and embark on a three-month grueling training camp in order to see results like the pros. The average person can get on an MMA track that works for them, and they can go at their own pace.

And it’s not just about building muscle; MMA workout routines, when practiced regularly, will help those pounds to just fall off. So while the average Joe or Jane isn’t going to transform into Anderson Silva anytime soon, they can get the body they’ve always felt they deserved. Here’s how.


Bodyweight training is an integral part of any MMA workout regimen. Those interested in achieving the stamina and physique necessary to be competitive in a combat sport such as mixed martial arts need effective pure bodyweight training. The most recommended of these training exercises include squats, deadlifiting, sandbag exercises, grip strength and explosive pressing.


MMA fighters achieve the majority of what they need to compete by going to the gym. But mixed martial arts is not bodybuilding, thus a proper MMA gym routine needs to focus on developing raw, explosive power. To this end push presses, chest presses, squats, high pulls, snatches and cleans are ideal.


These days more and more MMA athletes are turning to alternative exercise regimens, such as strongman workouts, in order to develop functional strength on top of the weight-room strength they are already getting in the gym. Some of these brutal exercises involve log cleans, tire flipping, stone grabs and others. These exercises are mostly geared towards developing the biceps, glutes, lats, hamstrings and shoulders. They also provide the athlete with the functional strength that is needed during high-intensity competition.


Every MMA action, from striking to grappling, is governed by the core muscles of the abdomen, waist and lower back. Without a strong core, the fighting movements won’t flow effectively and then it’s only a matter of time before your inevitable tap out. High repetition core resistance exercises are the ideal cap to any MMA workout, as focusing on high resistance builds strength. Some of the best core routines include spinal flexion exercises such as ball crunches, medicine-ball throws and 45-degree back extensions.


Good stamina is crucial to shedding poundage. To this end, general aerobic exercise routines are ideal. However, anaerobic exercises are also vital to achieving top MMA performance as they help to prevent muscle fatigue. On the same note, isometrics can also be helpful to building up tolerance, so an exercise routine that incorporates isometric push-ups may be worth considering.

The above list avoids laying out any specific plan, as each person is different. What it does strive to impart on the reader is the notion of diligence in practicing one or more of the above routines. Only then can real results be attainable.

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Natalie Parker is a professional blogger that shares tips and advice on health, training and nutrition. He writes for Fitness 19, a leading fitness facility with affordable month to month memberships.

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