Do Americans understand the health benefits of exercise?

An article from Sci-Tech, Action is Louder than Weight, described how Americans do not really take the recommendation of exercise too seriously. This is a concern especially with the raising obesity rate in the US. The article states that most American’s know exercise is good for their health but they do not really understand the extent of how it reduces the risk of developing preventable diseases. If they know that exercise is beneficial to their health then why aren’t more of them participating? It could be that they do not understand how to fit in daily exercise?

Many people face extensive barriers to daily exercise. Family and job commitments often keep people too busy to squeeze in a run or a trip to the gym. They might also lack the ability to pull themselves away from the TV long enough to take a quick jog around the block. In some cases, there could be a lack of resources and knowledge on how benefit from proper exercise. By providing more than just a recommendation to exercise and actually demonstrating the act, more people might participate in daily physical activity. Instructions on how to create a supportive environment that is conducive to exercise is important to get people motivated to move.

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