12:33 pm – Monday, November 9, 2009

This is an exciting time for men’s health! At this point, day two of the APHA conference, we have met a handful of new researchers in the field of men’s health. Innovative community-based interventions are being developed with the potential to reach an extremely undeserved subgroup of the population. For example, there is growing attention on transportation workers and health implications of their prolonged travel schedule. As a result, health education and awareness programs specifically tailored to this population will provide opportunities to improve health outcomes. Additionally, new men’s health programs are being offered at various colleges and universities throughout the nation.

MHN is extremely excited to see the growing interest in men’s health among public health professionals who have stopped by our booth in the past few days!



Saturday, November 7, 2009 – Health IT and History of Health Reform
3:42 pm

Just finished attending the packed Student Assembly meeting where the topics discussed were Health IT and History of Health Reform. Kesa Bond, MHA, RHIA, PMP, did a great job on explaining what the future for America holds in using the electronic health records (EHR).

There are two main benefits of using the electronic health charts: 1) it improves patient care and 2) it improves quality of health care.  Electronic health records (EHR) allows health professionals to access up to date information and helps with ensuring accuracy in data presented when you see the doctors. With EHR, you don’t have to be asked the same typical questions such as are you allergenic to anything. EHR also allows professionals to have access to information being captured such as lab results, and it enables communities to have query, which clusters data received in similar areas to see if there’s common symptoms and/or common diagnoses. This will bring a better surveillance program that will help prevent disease outbreaks within communities.

President Obama agrees that EHR is the future for America and made a promise similar to President Bush by declaring America to have EHR in 10 years. However, President Obama took it a step further by allocating money behind his promise. He has allocated 10 billion dollars each year over 5 years into EHR.  By 2014, America will have EHR and there will financial incentives to help the transition to EHR. For example, if you move to EHR by 2011 then you will be able to have enable to get 100% of incentives. This is the prize of being an early adopter. There will be penalties if you do not reached EHR by the 2014 target date. Every year after 2014, you will lose additional 1% of your money.

What do you think of EHR and are you using it? I know my doctor uses it and he says it helps him to explain things easier and with diagrams.




11:35 pm – Friday, November 6, 2009 – Welcome to Philly!

After a long plane ride and a 2 hour shuttle, I am finally here in the city of brotherly love. I hope this city holds true to it’s nickname  as I looking forward to Men’s Health getting a lot of love during this conference.


Welcome to Philly
Welcome to Philly

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    Thanks for your APHA Live Blog! It was great to meet you guys in person! Keep up the great work!

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