Why Women Are Attracted to Clean-Cut Men

A recent study carried out by Gillette in collaboration with Tinder, found that the majority of Tinder’s likes or right swipe, went to beardless or no facial hair men.

The revelation that women feel markedly greater attraction toward clean-cut males than their unshaven counterparts made us ask ourselves: why are women attracted to clean cut men?

clean-cut man

This article highlights seven resounding reasons why so many ladies consider clean-shaved guys to be quite irresistible.

Hairless Men Look Younger

First off, it’s an undeniable fact that hairless males look a lot younger compared to heavily haired ones. Women have, at least since the olden days of the biblical Joseph, betrayed a stronger affinity for younger-looking men.

Both sociological and scientific reasons for this age-old trend have continually emerged to support the above statement.

Regardless of whether it’s actually true or a mere misconception, it’s foolish to ignore what such a larger fraction of women support so passionately. After all, does keeping long chin hair add any tangible value to your life?

For extra evidence why classy ladies normally prefer dating clean cut partners, check out this article. It basically says that noticeably younger partners embody more sexual energy and a far much keener desire to please a woman – both sexually and emotionally.

Does anyone still need any further proof that clean-shaven guys stand higher chances of getting a quick nod from a breathtakingly gorgeous blonde?

Clean-Cut Guys Seem Less Belligerent

While the average lady wouldn’t want to date a man who appears dove-docile, excess aggression is an outright turn-off, too. This isn’t a negation of the fact that females admire signs of evident machismo.

However, an unkempt look that hangs on the very brink of unprovoked belligerence characterizes you as a petty troublemaker just out to stir meaningless scuffles.

You obviously wouldn’t want to bungle your chances to score a date due to the simple fact that you’ve grown a beard.


Men with Trim Hair Appear Smarter/Classier

A scraggly bearded man will always look less appealing than a beardless counterpart wearing similar clothes. In fact, even men do concur with ladies that a clean-cut man looks greatly more handsome and better dressed than a possible clout who nurtures bushy beards.

An even more plausible trick to bear out the contention that beardless guys are a lot more smart-looking that unshaven ones is to talk to famous guys who changed from hairy bores to clean-cut gentlemen.

Go through the reviews for the best beard trimmers or ask a friend for their opinion – once you find the best choice for you, notice how the absence of thick beards lends you a touch of physical cuteness.

Just look at Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt

He’s has been rated as one of the most handsome Hollywood sensations who appears all the more handsome whenever he gets rid of his facial hair.

Tom Cruise – a globally admired legend who has dominated magazine covers for eons – is yet another masculine magnet who unbeatably proves that a well-trimmed face makes up for any defects associated with a lean stature.

tom cruise

Facial Hair Obscures a Man’s Handsomeness

Although you may have a reasonably cute mien, a lot of facial hair is likely to obliterate your well-formed features such as sexy eyes or a naturally enchanting smile.

Using both shaven and shabby pictures of the exact guys to analyze feminine attraction discrepancies between hairy and hairless males, various research teams found out a slew of tellingly interesting patterns.

The most outstanding of these tell-tale revelations was the consistently higher scores of attraction awarded to men with less facial hair.

Although some insignificantly few ladies confessed to have found moderately bearded guys “quite likable”, the major trend left no shadow of a doubt that ladies adore folks who keep it trim.

Much Hair Hinders Snuggling/Cuddling

Women seem innately romantic and thus don’t fancy dudes who keep excess hair – they deem it as an obstacle to proper cuddling and snuggling.

If you still doubt this painstakingly confirmed truth, you’d better spare a few minutes to check the worthy bits highlighted here.

Even without any specific need for scientific proofs that girls find hairy faces somewhat obstructive to romantic gestures such as kissing, do you think any female lips will enjoy coming into contact with repugnantly prickly hairs?

Hairy Guys Tend to Appear Generally Lazy

Do you really need anyone to remind you that messy uncut hair makes you look evidently lazy? You could easily single out top high school performers purely based on their outward neatness.

Since women grow up treating well-dressed and clean-cut gentlemen as top-cadre players, it just isn’t possible to knock out this decades-long inclination toward dudes who wear a visible aura of demonstrable talent during school and in their professional years.

Your personal misgivings about this subjective analysis aren’t entirely unmerited.

Naturally, it may not sound wholly true that decently cut faces are necessarily more diligent – but can you really remove this “stubborn” feminine perception?

If you cannot beat them, why not simply join them – even for your own good, if anything?

Clean-Cut Males Are Deemed to Be More Confident

Besides all the other cardinal attributes ladies look for in a man, self-confidence ranks supreme. And shaving facial hairs is one of the easiest ways to acquire that adrenaline-pumping appearance that sends ladies invariably glancing your way.

It’s imperative to note that, since early schooling days, girls are intrinsically hardwired to believe that shaggy boys are bound to be sissy victims of diminished self-assurance.

As such, a bearded face will make you look like a rather unsophisticated trial-and-error dude who doesn’t have what it takes to even surmount little challenges in life.

Subsequently, the average woman will categorically find you boringly unattractive, if not downright miserable.

In conclusion, there’s no denying the emphatic revelation that an estimated two-thirds of women experience profoundly greater attraction toward clean-cut men. Guys who don’t trim regularly have a good reason to consider a much-required lifestyle change and boost their dwindled odds of success with the hot beauties of their dreams.

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