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Getting Fit: How to Handle Your Weight Loss Transition

Are you ready to commit to getting fit? If you can make a promise to start taking good care of your body, you can be successful at reaching your physical and health goals. For most men, losing weight is only half the struggle, keeping it off is the hard part. But by putting your nose to the grindstone and counting calories, exercising on a regular basis, and keeping yourself motivated, you’ll drop those unwanted pounds pretty quickly. You’ll have to be determined to kick up the exercise, add new healthy foods to your diet, and keep a strict eye on your health plan to keep all of it up. Losing and keeping weight off is a goal and challenge for many men, but when you are prepared and knowledgeable with the right health tools, this task becomes more manageable. Keep reading to learn the most effective methods for losing weight and keeping it off and things that can help in your transition to a new lifestyle, better body, and healthy diet.

Counting Calories

No, it’s not fun or exciting to track your daily caloric intake, but it is the best way to lose weight. You’ve heard about the Kansas State University professor who lost 27 pounds in 2 months by eating nothing but Twinkies; he just made sure to eat under his caloric needs. You’ve probably also heard that abs are made in the kitchen. If you want a lean, muscular body, you’ve got to keep a food journal. You can use a notebook, an app like MyFitnessPal or any other method you want, but it’s not optional. Keeping track is the best way to plan ahead and keep your goals in line. Be sure to schedule out time each day to take note and find ways to improve in your new healthy lifestyle.

Making Exercise Fun

While you can lose weight just by reducing the calories you eat, your fitness journey will be more enjoyable if you sweat off some of your excess pounds. You can also sculpt your body more easily by hitting the gym. Find a way to motivate yourself to exercise. Sign up for a half marathon, take on the 100 push-ups challenge, or get your best friend to join a rock climbing gym with you. Ultimately, your exact methods don’t matter, but you do need to find a work-out you’re willing to do for the long term. Group work-outs like CrossFit, a local running group, or an exercise class at your gym are a great way to meet new friends who share your goals. Try meeting up at the gym with a few other coworkers. It doesn’t have to be expensive or take up all your time. Just find a good way to get moving each week so your plans aren’t foiled before you even get started.

Maintain Motivation

You’ve gone through the cycle of committing to revamping your fitness, going through a week or two of excitement and returning to old habits. You’re not alone; 95% of diet attempts fail. That means you’ve got to keep your motivation levels high. Commit to a fun future event like a silly community 5k, a weight-lifting competition, or a 20-mile hike with your cousin. Buy a nice suit for work that’s a size too small. Change your phone background to a motivational picture. Give your best friend $500 and instructions not to return the money unless you stick with your fitness plan for 6 months. Whatever your plan, make sure it will keep you motivated.

The Importance of Cheat Days

You don’t have to keep your calorie counting, exercising, and motivation plan active 24/7. It’s important to give yourself the occasional break to sit on the couch and eat whatever you want. When you’re working to transform your entire attitude towards fitness, you have to focus on a sustainable plan. That means space for sick days, junk food, and the Monday blues. As you build up momentum and see your life improve with exercise and healthy eating, you’ll need fewer cheat days. However, you’ll want to keep enough flexibility to indulge in office birthday parties or beers with your friends. Try to stick with a 90/10 plan where you’re healthy 90% of the time and cut yourself some slack the other 10%. Remember, fat is important in your diet as well. You can’t cut out all sugar or bad fats, and having some is important in your overall body. Be kind and give yourself a break when you feel yourself waning.

Life After Dieting

Hitting your target weight is an amazing feeling. Whether you’re trying to build muscle, lose fat, or some combination of both, you will feel fantastic when you finally achieve that goal. However, that doesn’t mean your fitness journey is over as soon as you see the magic number on the scale. You’ll need these tips to keep up with your lifestyle transformation. Maintaining the goodness means you’ll make some changes around the house as well.

Updating Your Wardrobe

Once you’re ready to flaunt your figure you’ll need to reevaluate the way you look at clothes. Many overweight people hide behind their outfits by deliberately choosing baggy and poorly cut shirts and pants. Even if you’re not a budding fashion guru, you should still dress in well-fitted and well-kept clothing. Numerous business studies have linked your chances of getting hired, promoted, and respected in the workplace to the way you appear. A proper wardrobe is well worth the investment.

The first step to dressing nicely is choosing the appropriate undergarments. Ditch your loose t-shirts and slips and find something that truly fits. With form-fitting foundational garments, you’re cutting down on odors, stains, and unwelcome bulk. Underfit undershirts are perfect for men because they mold to your body and won’t bunch up or add extra bulk to your appearance.

Next, learn to dress for your body type. You don’t have to wear skin-tight jeans or the latest fashion trends, but you should wear clothes that fit properly. Take a trusted friend or relative with you to the store with you and listen to their advice on what looks good for you. You might feel uncomfortable wearing new clothing styles that show your body rather than hiding it, but remember you’ve earned this. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The compliments and positive attention you’ll get once you step out the door in a flattering wardrobe will continually reinforce your newfound positive habits. Remember the importance of tailoring as well. It is a worthy investment when store-cut clothes don’t hit quite the right spot for you. Everyone’s body is going to look different and making sure yours is shown off to the best advantage will make you look and feel great!

Enjoying Your New Lifestyle

Getting to a healthy, happy weight can bring big changes to your overall life. You can enjoy taking the stairs without getting out of breath, playing with your kids without running out of energy, and ordering fish instead of cheese fries when you go out for dinner. You’ll probably find yourself enjoying a new relationship with food, too. When you’re exercising regularly and embracing your body, you start to crave vegetables and lean protein over junk food. This makes it easier to support your new fitness level.

Supporting Your Health

Don’t stop paying attention to your dietary habits just because you hit your weight loss goal. You don’t have to keep counting calories every single day, but you also don’t want to slip back into bad habits. It’s important to find a long-term solution for staying on track with your new healthy self. Consider taking a basic course in nutrition or picking up a book to learn exactly what your body needs. An easy solution to implement is limiting yourself to one dessert, one dairy, three carbohydrates and two proteins per day while eating as many fruits and vegetables as you want. You can tweak the exact ratios, but the important part is keeping a consistent check on calorie-dense foods.

You’re not alone on this journey. Your friends and family want you to get healthier and happier and stay that way. Take the first steps of starting a food journal and finding a fun form of exercise today, and you’ll be surprised at how easily the rest of what you need falls together.

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