The Modern Truth About Sleep: 5 Reasons You Should Be Getting Enough

truth about sleep

Sleep: Kids hate it, college students love it and adults cherish it. Sleep, or lack thereof, does some amazing things to the body. Check it out:

Good Sleep Changes Your Face

We all know the haggard look of someone who has not slept, but scientific research on the matter has not been conducted until recently. Scientists at the University of Michigan studied 20 adults with sleep apnea, a breathing disorder that periodically forces a person awake throughout the night. They found that subjects who used specialized breathing devices to get a good night’s sleep looked younger, more alert and more attractive and had healthier skin tones.

Bad Sleep Alters Your Brain

At a nerve cell level, getting too little sleep can change your brain structure. In a study published in the journal Sleep, researchers found that adults with poor sleep patterns had an increase in glial activity, which is the type of nerve cell that governs pain and fear. People who do not sleep well are more susceptible to pain and neuropathology, like neurosis.

Bad Sleep Is Depressing

Though excessive sleep may be a symptom of depression, a good night’s sleep helps the day seem a little better. Create a room that is comfortable and serene. Use sheets that pull heat away from the body, as staying cool through the night will help you stay asleep. Use a lightweight cotton duvet cover like these from Wayfair to make it plush and cozy without overheating your body. By getting enough uninterrupted sleep in a night, you are more capable of handling life’s stresses. Of course, if you routinely have problems getting out of bed, see your doctor.

Good Sleep = Good Sex?

Sleep is an aphrodisiac, and interrupted sleep is just the opposite. Studies have found that men with sleep apnea have greater frequencies of erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction. In males, the sexual response is linked to cardiovascular health. Poor sleep cycles are shown to effect cardio-vascularity. It is connected to heart disease, strokes and respiratory disease. Night time is also when muscles are repaired from damage occurring from daily activity. This repair is healthy and leads to a fitter physique, which is also associated with good sex.

Bad Sleep Can Make You Sick

Approximately one-third of your life is spent sleeping. This is one of the most important parts of a healthy daily routine. When we do not get enough sleep or get prolonged interrupted sleep, our bodies do not have an opportunity to recuperate from the natural stresses of the environment. In other words, we get sick. In addition to an increase in cardiovascular disease, lack of sleep is associated with imbalances in the endocrine and hormonal systems. Sleep, especially in older adults, is connected to a healthy immune system. With everything that is at stake, do everything that you can to get a great night’s rest.

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