Five Healthy Tactics To Celebrate Father’s Day

By Kimatni D. Rawlins, Fit Fathers

It’s no enigmatic secret that Father’s Day clearly doesn’t bring the excitement and allure in relation to the celebratory activities that mothers receive on their day of recognition. Which is fine because mothers are the foundation of human existence. Their 9-month nurturing alone holds enough weight to debate any philosopher on the comparative subject matter. Nevertheless, I would like to see additional efforts put forth on everyone’s part to strengthen the acknowledgment towards this special observance day for dads and the families they support.

AA Dad and SonFathers are one of Earth’s most important treasures, impact lives and reshape cognitive thought to what our children think is important in life. Fathers lead, teach, protect, discipline and set forth strategies that enhance the welfare of daughters and sons. Rightfully so, mothers, wives, brothers, sisters and children — as well as the dads who help plan festive commemorations — please focus on healthful tactics to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday June 21st opposed to dishing out another tie, pair of socks or bottle of cologne. Here are five approaches that can be utilized before, during and after Father’s Day to center on the tools needed for long-term life enhancement.

Take a Father’s Day Pledge

 June is Men’s Health Month, which creates an opportune time to make a pledge towards a healthier you. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high, while hypertension and other health risks are increased in men 20 years and older.  Try to commit to specific healthy choices and increased fitness goals.  It starts with dads on Father’s Day taking the pledge and following simple steps to wellness. For example, I pledge to visit my doctor routinely for various screenings. Or, I pledge to go walking with my kids twice a week. Remember, exercise and healthy eating saves generations. You can also take the Fit Fathers Day pledge by visiting

Organize a Group Ride or Run

 Have you yet to run a 5K or go deep into nature with your buddies on mountain bikes? Do so now by training for a Father’s Day 5K to put you in top shape for participation in a group run with friends or other dads. Visit for an endless array of events to sign up for. Or ring up some father friends and go for a morning ride to burn calories so you can enjoy brunch guilt-free. But don’t overdue it, the stomach is only the size of your palm.

Eat to Live

Do you consume foods to increase vitamin, mineral and nutrient intake or to satisfy mental cravings from comfort foods? Sickness and chronic disease are more prevalent than ever, which is why “now” is prime time to finally say no to destructive eating habits and become more proactive with your kid’s diets. Begin swapping chips, cookies and sodas with fruits and smoothies. Plain popcorn with a few pinches of Himalayan sea salt and Vegit (no oil or butter) are your best bets for replacing the crunch of potato chips. Try to cook more meals at home and eliminate or reduce your fast food intake. Say no to white, enriched foods and yes to whole grains (for example brown rice and quinoa over white rice) and add more cruciferous green veggies like kale and asparagus to your plate. And please load up on sweet potatoes because the brain thrives on them. It’s a stretch for some, but well worth it for your family.

It’s a Family Affair

 On June 21st enjoy at least one hour of energetic activities with your family such as soccer, volleyball, tennis or hiking with nature.  State parks are ideal locations for staying active and enjoying pure oxygen from Mother Earth. Host the energetic flow with a picnic ripe with whole foods and freshly squeezed juices.

Become the Family Coach

It’s important each subsequent day after Father’s Day that dads blow the whistle to engage in physical fitness and employ smart food choices. Continue to motivate the family with daily exercise tips and nutritional recipe ideas. I enjoy cooking and love when my wife or daughters make a special request such as our veggie stir fry tofu or BBQ cauliflower wings. More importantly, I absolutely adore when my youngest puts on her helmet and demands we go for a ride. That comes from years of silent coaching. You got this dad.

Lead by example so your child becomes the example!

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  1. Zak HinesJune 26, 2015

    First of all, I want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! Second, this is an excellent article that truly shows the many many ways in which fathers can not only become more involved in taking care of their own health, but making it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Who ever said getting in shape had to be hard and miserable? Any father who aspires to be able to keep up with his kids should see exercise not as a chore, but a gift to your kids! Dads, we love you and want you in our lives as long as possible. Do it for mom, do it for us, but most of all do it for yourself! Focus on your health and show us your blue this month!

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