Fatherhood with Klinefelters

What’s the most common definable cause of azoospermia among infertile men? Here’s a hint: it’s also pretty common in general, occurring in 1/500 male births. Answer: Klinefelter syndrome. Men who have it possess an extra X chromosome in every cell in their bodies. It’s inherited, and about equally so from mothers and fathers. The fact is that most men don’t know about...Continue reading

A Sperm Making Thing-a-ma-bob

You can patent a widget, or even a doohickey. Dr Seuss probably could have patented the yuzz-a-ma-tuzz, the diffendoofer, the wumbus and the wocket from his children’s books. But can you really patent an artificial human testicle? We did. Very recently, in fact. The issue notice has duly arrived, just in time for Father’s Day! Yessiree, just 6 sweaty years after we submitted the...Continue reading

Putting the Bun in the Oven

I have to admit, I had a great time in my two interactive sessions at the Fertility Planit show in LA this weekend. For the first one, I joined best selling author and blogger MeiMei Fox, therapist and LoveLine regular Simeone Bienne, and celebrity doctor Dr Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz for a most entertaining hour of “Keeping Sex Passionate When You’re Trying to Conceive.” Here are some of the finer take-home...Continue reading

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