A Dozen Great Father’s Day Gifts

Girls, you know perfectly well how this story goes. It’s simple: Men live longer when partnered. And now that Dad’s Day is coming up, what do you get him? Cufflinks? Another necktie? A larger shirt? How about something completely different, and possible life extending? Remember, YOU are the key to his longevity.

Gifts That Last

  1. Get him to eat mindfully. Make salads instead of burgers, hug him and let him know that you can’t wait until he fits into his college T-shirts.
  2. Ok, keep the burgers but have him eat them without a bun and no French fries.
  3. Buy him a Fitbit or Jawbone. Tell him that sex is on its way with every 10,000-step day.
  4. Buy him a sexy–but small–Italian suit. Tell him that you can’t wait to see him in it.
  5. Buy him an old Alfa Romeo. That way he’ll be walking home most of the time after a drive.
  6. Ok, so the car is out of reach. Then, get him a vintage car magazine subscription. Then, he’ll buy an old Alfa Romeo and be stuck walking home most of the time.
  7. Buy him season tickets to a ball game…but make sure the seats are way, way up high. Turn a couch potato into a stadium Stairmaster.
  8. Buy him a new Hibachi outdoor grill…but make sure he grills at least two vegetables for every piece of meat.
  9. Buy him a GoPro Hero waterproof video camera. He’ll figure out something dare devilish to do that will get him outside.
  10. Buy him bacon scented candles. The only “man candle” around, the smell of sizzling meat wafting in his cave is much healthier than actually eating it.
  11. Find him a great doctor. Get him a doc he can golf with instead of simply getting him a set of golf clubs.
  12. Ok, buy him golf clubs, or just golf balls. But tell him that he can’t use the cart when golfing. That’s several thousand yards of walking every week. And no cigars!

Tune Him Up

None of these are attractive enough? Fine, send him to us for a Men’s Health Tune Up. We’ll show him the way!

This article was originally posted on theturekclinic.com and has been republished here with permission.

Dr. Paul Turek, Medical Contributor

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