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Season’s Sickness: Five Spring Health Problems to Avoid

Spring is finally here! Winter has officially come to an end, and now your family can start venturing outdoors again. But this season brings more than warm sunshine and gentle showers. Below are five seasonal health issues that you’ll need to watch out for to keep your family safe and healthy.

Cold and Flu

Winter gets a bad rap for being the season for colds and flu, but those common illnesses can actually become even more prevalent during the spring. As kids venture outdoors more often, them come into contact with more kids within their communities and from other schools. This is a recipe for spreading common colds, so encourage extra precautions like daily vitamins and frequent hand-washing to boost your family’s immune systems and reduce the spread of germs.

Spring Allergies

With the rising temperatures and increased sunshine, local vegetation gets a boon, and that means that pollen will be in the air. This is when spring fever and allergies become a common threat. So load up on herbs and organic tea to make this season more bearable for those family members who are at greater risk.

Spring Sports Injuries

Spring sports bring a lot of fun for the kids and spectators alike, but all that increased activity can lead to sports-related injuries such as sprained ankles, bumps and bruises. Make sure that your kids warm up before activities and have proper footwear for foot and ankle support. Also, check that they have proper padding for contact sports to reduce impact injuries.

Pests and Infestations

Warmer weather combined with wet weather also means that pest control will become an issue around your home. Bugs, rodents and even mold infestations are common during this time of year. One of the best deterrents is spring cleaning, as it eliminates spots for easy nesting. But if an infestation is getting out of hand, don’t hesitate to call in experts like Allstate Pest Control.

Sunburn and Dehydration

Even though the summer months aren’t quite here, dehydration and sunburn are still real dangers to avoid. Make sure that you and your family limit exposure to direct sunlight by wearing light layers of clothing and using sunscreen. Also, load up on fluids early in the morning and throughout the day to prevent dehydration from sneaking up on you.

Now that the cold and cloudy weather is backing off, your family can finally enjoy increased outdoor activities with friends and neighbors. But watch out for these spring health problems by following these five simple health tips to keep your family healthy and happy this season.

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