New MHN Chapter in California!

With dozens of activities happening around the country to mark Men’s Health Month, this seems like the perfect time to announce the launch of the new California Men’s Health Network.  This chapter of the national MHN will allow us to promote men’s health through both statewide and local initiatives in the Golden State.  These include:

  • Health Screenings and Education:
    The California Men’s Health Network will sponsor and help to organize free men’s health screenings and information sessions, covering issues such as heart, prostate and mental health.  These events will be held in partnership with civic organizations, clinics, churches, employers, and other entities interested in promoting the health of men in their communities.
  • College and University Outreach:
    College is the time that many young people first begin taking responsibility for their own health.  Young men are less likely than their female counterparts to engage in behaviors promoting their health, and schools do not typically focus on men’s health issues as part of their health programs.  The California Men’s Health Network proposes to partner with universities in the state, offering informative training sessions for student health workers about men’s health issues along with materials that they can reference, hand out to students, and place in common areas.
  • California Men’s Health Summit:
    The California Men’s Health Network plans to organization an annual Men’s Health Summit that will attract both health professionals and potential leaders in men’s health.  During the summit, participants will learn about ways to engage men and their families in dialogues about their health and to organize local events promoting public health.
  • Connecting Resources:
    California MHN will serve as a hub for organizations and individuals with an interest in advancing men’s health.  We will not duplicate the efforts of other organizations, but find the synergy between the strengths of existing groups and leverage this power toward meaningful changes in men’s health.  We will be a resource to help the public find information, services and support related to men’s health.
  • Men’s Health Advocacy:
    California MHN will be a voice for healthcare policy and practice that responds to the unique health needs of men and addresses disparities in men’s health outcomes.   We will educate lawmakers in Sacramento about men’s health issues in our state.  California MHN will also work to make the public more informed about important discussions and decisions that affect men’s health.

As the new chapter develops, we will be looking for partnerships with other organizations, donors, expert advisors/speakers, fundraisers, and volunteers to help with events.  If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact Brandon Leonard, Director, at  We would also encourage you to join our fan page on Facebook at  Stay tuned there for more updates!

Come by the Alemany Farmer’s Market in San Francisco this Saturday, June 19 to visit the California MHN booth!

Armin Brott

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Armin Brott is the proud father of three, a former U.S. Marine, a best-selling author, radio host, speaker, and one of the country’s leading experts on fatherhood. He writes frequently about fatherhood, families, and men's health. Read more about Armin or visit his website, You can also connect via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  and Linkedin.


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  2. JennyJune 25, 2010

    College and university outreach is so important! This is a great way to get young people involved in their health and a great opportunity to educate them on preventive methods.

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