Men’s Health Month Goes Out With a Bang

If you weren’t already aware, June was Men’s Health Month and this year marked the 20th anniversary of the Congressional passage of National Men’s Health Week. Throughout the month, Men’s Health Network and multiple partners and supporters across the country and around the globe held educational meetings, briefing, health screenings and other health related events to help raise awareness and encourage men, boys and their families to take a more active approach to their health.

While June has come and gone, it’s important that men continue to make their health a priority throughout the rest of the year. Men (and women) should have regular screenings to detect health problems early. Remember, the earlier a problem is found, the sooner it can be addressed.

Why should men take an active role in their healthcare? Here are just a few reasons:

  • 1 in 6 men will develop prostate cancer at some point in their lives
  • Men die at higher rates than women from 9 out of the 10 top causes of death and are victims of over 92 percent of workplace deaths
  • Women are 100 percent more likely to visit the doctor for annual examinations and preventative services than men

Obviously, we have a problem on our hands and we need all the support we can get to help address this health crisis. Let’s keep the momentum going throughout the rest of the year. Whether you’re a spouse, child, parent or friend, it’s time to step up and make a difference in helping the men you care about live a healthy and productive life.

As a recap of activities during men’s health month, some of the main highlights included a special White House briefing, the launch of the Men’s Health Resource Center, and a formal meeting of the dialogue on men’s health.

Other highlights of Men’s Health Month included:

Thank you for supporting Men’s Health Month, and let’s keep the momentum going throughout the year!

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