Last Longer in Bed Using Only the Power of Your Mind, Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we started with an overview of some of the many misconceptions about what it takes to last longer in bed. We talked about the need to examine the way you think about sex and how your negative thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophecies. And we introduced the first step—Affirmations—you’ll need to take to change your thinking. In this Part, we go into some additional steps you can take to last longer in bed and enjoy it more—by using the power of your mind.

Understand You

Next, you’ll need to get to know yourself a bit better to last longer. As men, we all have sexual items that take us past the point of no return. For some men it could be the way a woman’s butt looks as she’s on all fours. For other men it’s how her breasts jiggle as you thrust deep inside her.

If you know a certain position or body part may cause you to lost control, you need to avoid that until you are ready to cum.

Speaking generically, most men cum quickly in missionary due to gravity, breathing, and physical exertion. In the same sense, most men last longer when a woman is on top.

The Switch Trance

NLP is one of the best ways to solve premature ejaculation for good. This NLP method for solving premature ejaculation is one of many techniques a man can use to last longer in bed.

Here’s how to perform the switch trance:

  • Begin to arouse yourself. Think about the attributes of your excitement – hot or cold; solid or fluidic; airy or condensed; does it have a color? What color does your sexual arousal have? Does your sexual arousal have a sound?
  • Create a list of all the attributes of your sexual arousal. Then begin to think about the opposites of these attributes.
  • Next, think of you penis. Then imagine a big switch button on your penis. Begin to stimulate yourself and start to feel your sexual arousal rising. Remember how you described your arousal. Remember the attributes.
  • When you feel your sexual arousal increasing and your want to reduce your excitement level, you need to switch the button in your mind off. Visualize the big switch button on your penis. Now switch it off in your mind and begin to imagine the opposite attributes of your arousal.
  • When you make the switch, you will feel a sudden drop in sexual excitement. When you are cooled down again, you can turn the imaginary switch back on once more. Imagine your sexual arousal attributes. You’ll again notice you arousal rising.
  • Continue turning your switch on and off. Feel your arousal rise and drop. Notice which attributes arouse you more and which ones cool you off quicker. Focus on the one that cools you off the quickest.
  • You now can use the switch during sex to control your arousal levels. You can immediately turn your switch off when you begin to lose control.

Patrick Banks

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  1. Zak HinesJuly 28, 2015

    It’s funny; people are always telling us to understand ourselves, and yet we always push back. We resist the urge to accept our skills and flaws in an effort to seek perfection. I really liked this post and it paints an excellent picture of what it takes to last longer. For me I think the idea of mind over matter applies strongly here, as it does in most situations.

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