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How Men Win when They Support Women in Technology

Forging healthy relationships in and out of the workplace has benefits for everyone.


When it comes to technology in the workplace, men historically have always had the edge, occupying the majority of jobs.

These days however, it’s not just men who are geeking out over technology and occupying the majority of seats in colleges and universities.

Today, programs for girls and women are abundant and women are making great strides in the workforce.

Traditionally, women have been a support system for men, serving as lower-level managers, assistants and secretaries. And while women continue to support each other personally and in the workplace, now that more women are moving up in technology, the opportunity for men to support women in the workplace becomes greater.

How do we break the traditional mold and get there?  This can be accomplished in several ways.

All healthy business teams flourish when there are shared ethics and values as well as a mindset for supporting each other. Because in the end, we all want the same thing . . . Success!

Already, leaders in STEM careers, app development and executive management who have built trust with upcoming female leaders are advancing the potential within their companies for growth and innovation.

Additionally, the established trust will come back around to men in healthy ways. Women who traditionally worked from home while raising families are able to share with and support men who are looking to build stronger relationships in the business sector, and have more flexibility in their schedules.

As more women continue to enter the workforce, many men are opting to work from home and participate in raising their families in new ways.  In sharing experiences with each other (women used the internet to work from home so that they could be mothers, but now MEN are doing the same thing so that they can be fathers.)

Men have quite a bit to gain from taking advantage of the internet from a business perspective.

Men used the internet to access data, women used the internet to access people. But the more they BOTH learn to master the data and the relationships the more their careers, and businesses in general, will benefit.

Ultimately, the two developments that drive these possibilities for men and women both are high-speed internet, which allows work to be done as quickly outside the office as it could be done on-site, and unlimited data plans which support team apps like Slack or even Workplace by Facebook.

Now, men and women are becoming trusted partners and colleagues as the gap between them in technology-based careers narrows.  Women now hold high-level positions at major organizations, including Social Media giant Facebook exec Sheryl Sanders who believes men can #LeanIn to help women get ahead.

Gender should have no lines of separation outside the office too. There are plenty of ways men and women can connect via technology that have nothing to do with dating apps.

While only 15% of men are active on Pinterest,  other Internet sites such as Instagram have a much narrower gap.

And you don’t just see men in the sports bars watching their favorite teams. And while home use of Smart TVs is slightly higher for men versus women, overall,  technology has proven to be a bridge across many walks of life.

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