COVID-19 mutation is seen across U.S., but is not a cause for panic, according to experts

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreck havoc across the globe, the United States has seen cases of the COVID-19 variant that was first discovered in the United Kingdom across California and Colorado.

Despite this unpleasant reality, experts are unsure if the vaccines being released will protect against this form of virus mutation. Dr. Salvatore Giorgianni, Jr., a senior science advisor for Men’s Health Network, spoke to WDVM out of Washington, D.C., and touched on the reality that viruses adjust and adapt on their own.

“What a good, smart virus will do is they will look to increase their ability to spread but not kill their host so quickly, because they want to live, and they want to procreate, and they want to make more viruses.” Dr. Giorgianni said to the TV station on Wednesday.

In order to make the best decisions regarding their own individual health, American citizens are encouraged to stay informed with new information regarding the virus, according to Dr. Giorgianni.

Read more from Dr. Giorgianni’s interview with WDVM here.

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