Coffee with Sam: An interview with fitness guru Franklin Antoian

I recently had the opportunity to have a virtual cup of coffee and chat with Franklin Antoian, trainer, funny man, and all around health and fitness guru. Franklin has an interesting take on working out- he says you can take it online. But can an online fitness program really benefit you and your busy life?  Who could it work for?  Crazy as it sounds, this somewhat unconventional idea may actually have some merit in today’s technology filled world. 

Samantha Feuss: Can you tell me 2 or 3 of the most common issues that men deal with when they start working out?

Franklin Antoian: For a lot of guys, it’s all about time.  They spend all day working or at the office, then they try to go the gym after work,  but the late hours prevent it.  Some will try to go in the morning instead, But have a hard time getting going.  Maybe then they to get it in on the weekend, but then the wife and kids want his time.  Finding a routine is key- but so is sticking to it.

SF: What are some of the biggest myths or scams when it comes to fitness and weight loss?

FA: The classic “lose weight fast” always come to mind when I’m asked this question. True weight loss just takes time. Anything more than 2 pounds per week can be excessive, unhealthy and lead to regaining weight. I always tell new clients: It took you a long time to gain that weight, so it may take a long time to lose it.

SF:You run the largest personal training fitness website in the USA. Tell me- how does one get a good training experience online?

FA:iBodyFit offers the best online workouts because our trainers are smart, fit and professional and know how to work with clients in any medium- online, in person and through email.  When you start up, you fill out an extensive background like you would when starting any training program.  You can upload photos, video to give the trainers a better idea of any issues or updates you have.  Our trainers are always a call, email, or click away.

SF: What is a personal web trainer? Can you describe what you do for your clients?

FA: Each client gets a custom designed video workout. Just fill out your user profile, (this states your age, fitness goals, exercise history, where you want to workout, and more) and a trainer will design your workout. Simply log in and view your workout for the day. If you have any questions , you can always text, talk, IM or email your trainer. Additionally, each workout has slow motion video exercises demos so you are ensured the quickest results and perfect form.

SF: How can someone benefit from online training?

FA:There are so many benefits from online personal training. You can workout whenever you have time because your workout is programmed online.  The price is right- For the price of one in person session, you get a month of online personal training. Your workout is portable. You can workout wherever you have the internet, cell phone or iPod.  No gyms are necessary. You can workout at home, on the road and in private if you’d like.  It makes sticking to your routine easier for a busy guy.

SF:What are some of the most common mistakes that men make when starting a workout routine?

FA: There are two mistakes men usually make when starting a fitness routine. Men tend to lift weights that are too heavy for them, therefore compromising their form. Compromising your form leads to slower, less significant results, as well as increased chance of injury. The other major issue is that men tend to focus on the muscles on the front of their body: chest, biceps and quads.  By not training the posterior muscles, the back, triceps and hamstrings, can lead to poor proportions, muscle imbalances and possible injury.

SF: Your new book The Fit Executive aims to help busy professionals incorporate fitness into a busy life. How would it benefit a typical working family man?

FA: The Fit Executive explains 3 things.

1. What makes the perfect, complete workout.
2. How to fit your workouts into your busy schedule
3. How to stay motivated.
These are problems that most family men, and most men in general deal with.  My goal is to help people reach theirs.

SF: While traveling, can you give a few tips on maximizing your workout while on the road?

1. If you have no access to a gym, just run or walk. Running is one of the best ways to stay fit. When in a new city for work, do your morning run outside and check out your new surroundings.  Walking for 30mins burns about the same amount of calories as a 10 minute run.
2. Pack exercise bands. Bands are light, easy to pack and make for great hotel or outdoor
workouts when on the road.
3. Move around the airport. If your flight gets delayed, don’t just sit there. Pick up your
bags or laptop and walk around the airport. The walk will burn some extra calories and help pass time.

SF: What are some common areas that men want to improve upon, and what is a good
basic starting point?

FA: When starting a new workout, its best to maximize your time by adding the perfect amount of cardio, strength training and flexibility training into your routine.  A great example is to start cardio five times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes, strength twice a week for 30 minutes, and flexibility as often as possible up to six times a week- and don’t forget to stretch your muscles.


Franklin Antoian is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and founder of the online personal training website, Franklin gets clients from around the world in the best shape of their lives with his online workout videos, exercises and custom personal training. He lives in Palm Beach, Florida where he surfs and trains clients online and in-person, by appointment only. Follow @ibodyfit

Additionally, Franklin is a: Fitness writer for Sears, Fitness Expert for, Krav Maga Self Defense Martial Arts Instructor, Author of “The Fit Executive: Fitness for Today’s Busy Professional” and Founder of, one of the largest online personal training websites.

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