Coach Lionel Hollins Leads By Example When It Comes to High Blood Pressure

December 8, 2014

Sitting in the stands at a basketball game is enough to make your blood pressure skyrocket, between the stress of victory and the alcohol available at concession stands. Now imagine what playing – or coaching – in the same stadium must do.

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For Lionel Hollins, head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, a high blood pressure diagnosis from a team doctor at age 27 was enough to make him rethink his health. As an NBA point guard for 10 years with 5 different teams, a lack of physical activity or unhealthy eating wasn’t the culprit. Instead, Lionel’s high blood pressure was attributed to uncontrollable risk factors, including family history. His grandmother, sister, and oldest son all have the disease.

Lionel has successfully managed his blood pressure for the last 30 years, keeping it in a healthy range with the use of medication and annual visits with his healthcare team.

He’s also using his popularity in Memphis, Tennessee (he previously coached the Memphis Grizzlies for six seasons) to educate men about the MUPD campaign pic 1importance “Young African American men in particular, but all men in general should know exactly what it is and what they’re dealing with, how it affects their body and how it causes strokes and heart attacks, affects the kidneys as well,” Lionel told FOX 13.of blood pressure control. In June 2014, Lionel kicked off a new blood pressure awareness campaign, 140/90: 

Living Life Under Pressure an initiative of Healthy Shelby.  Baptist Memorial Health Care and Baptist Medical Group participated in the event by providing screenings and a physician for the event’s “Ask the Doctor” panel discussion. The event also provided an opportunity to promote the Measure Up/Pressure Down® campaign.  At the event (see right), Lionel Hollins shared his story with attendees and encouraged them to measure, monitor, and maintain a healthy blood pressure through lifestyle changes and medication adherence.


The following patient story can also be found on the Measure Up/Pressure Down® national high blood pressure campaign. Please visit the Measure Up/Pressure Down® website for information, tips, and resources on how to measure, monitor, and maintain your blood pressure.


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