Married? Let’s Drink to That. Or Not.

There have been studies out showing the health benefits—or the risks—of marriage. Just over the past few years we’ve learned, for example, that married people generally have healthier eating habits and are less likely to die prematurely than unmarried people. And we know that single and divorced men drink more alcohol than married men. But...Continue reading

The connection between sleep disorders, depression, diabetes, and ED

If you suffer from depression, diabetes, or erectile dysfunction, it’s possible that what you really need is a better night’s sleep. Recent studies have found that sleep apnea, a common but potentially dangerous condition, may be linked with a number of conditions, including anxiety, depression, diabetes, and even erectile dysfunction. The studies also find that treating...Continue reading

Free men’s health screenings in Albany, GA and Orlando, FL

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17. But if you live in or around Albany, GA or Orlando, FL, you can give the man in your life  perhaps the best gift of all the day before Father’s Day: the gift of health. The goal of both of these events is to heighten the awareness of preventable health...Continue reading

The Business Case for Paying Attention to Men’s Health

Most people know that men live shorter (by five years), less-healthy lives than women. They’re more likely to be the victim of a violent crime, die in a car crash, commit suicide, and be injured at work. Men also have higher death rates from nine of the top ten killers, are more likely to be...Continue reading

Reality and Real Men: Opening up About Men’s Mental Health Issues

Depression and anxiety have been diagnosed at unprecedented levels in this country for years, and seem to only rise in concordance with the pace and demands of our time. Further, in an America that today is so identified with stress and success, not to mention the heightened burdens of economic struggle, we often ignore our...Continue reading

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