beards: secret to success?

Beards: The Secret to Success or the Kiss of Death?

Dear Healthy Men: Do women really find men with beards more attractive than clean-shaven guys?

A: According to the old story, in 1860, Abraham Lincoln grew a beard in response to a suggestion from an 11-year-old girl who said it would make him a more attractive presidential candidate. She was right. About 140 years later, another 11-year-old girl—who happened to be my daughter—told me roughly the same thing. I wasn’t running for president, though; she was giving me dating advice. As it turns out, she, like most 11-year-old girls, was right, too.

So what is it about beards that can help you win elections and improve your love life? One theory posits that a beard is a sign of confidence. In a fight, a beard can be a disadvantage since it can be grabbed by an opponent. So a beard could be a man’s way of saying, “Go ahead, grab it. I can kick your butt anyway.”

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Photo by Alex Mihai C on Unsplash

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