5 Health and Fitness Apps for Men

Men are less likely than women to visit their doctor, notes a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additionally, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that men are 32 percent more likely than women to be hospitalized for long-term complications that could have been prevented. Don’t become a part of these statistics by seeing your physician and being proactive about your health. You also can take matters into your own hands by using the best fitness and health apps technology has to offer.

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Nike+ Running App

Run your way to better health with the Nike+ Running App, available for iOS and Android. You’ll be able to track the distance, pace, time and calories of every run and easily record your achievements. This app also creates customized programs based on your fitness level and goals. Plus, when your motivation starts dwindling, you can sign up for one of the Nike+ Challenges, which encourages you to log more miles than other runners in a set amount of time.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in men, according to the CDC. To keep this vital organ healthy, use the Blood Pressure Monitor app, which is a data collecting tool that can alert you if something is wrong. This app makes it easy to record your blood pressure and helps decrease your chances of heart disease. Furthermore, you can avoid that trip to your doctor’s office by sending him or her a data report of your blood pressure, pulse and weight history.

Apple’s Health App

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, has never been a truer statement thanks to Apple’s Health app for the iPhone 6. This amazing app does it all from tracking your heart rate to estimating calories burned in a day. The Apple Health app even creates an emergency card with important health information that appears on your lock screen, which is crucial for those with medical conditions and severe allergies. You’ll also never have to worry about other’s accessing your sensitive health information since the data in the Health app is kept encrypted when your phone is locked with a passcode or Touch ID.

Relax Melodies

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you’re feeling stressed, you can calm your mind with soothing sounds from Relax Melodies. This app has 50 different types of ambient sounds including rain, piano, thunder and ocean, all of which you can mix to create your very own relaxing tune. Relax Melodies also offers tips and articles from experts to help improve your health.


Losing weight is never easy, but you can make it less of a hassle by keeping track of your daily calorie consumption with MyFitnessPal. With this app, you can record what you eat and it will instantly calculate the calories for you. Food tracking, rather than a fad diet, is one of the best ways to shed those extra pounds, says the official MyFitnessPal website. You’ll see results faster when you improve your eating habits, stop the mindless snacking and implement portion control. Plus, this free and easy-to-use app will help keep you accountable.

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