It’s all about sex. Or not?

     Sex is everywhere. We see sex related topics in the media, on our Facebook timelines, spam folders, in politics and various magazines and public sites. So it begs the question – why are people so hesitant to talk about personal sex issues with their doctors or even their partners?
     According to a new survey, conducted by Kelton in collaboration with Men’s Health Network, the American Sexual Health Association, HealthyWomen and Pfizer, it’s reported that, “69 percent (of people surveyed) have never talked to a healthcare professional about problems that make it hard to enjoy or have sex; 26 percent say that embarrassment when talking to a doctor is a barrier to addressing their sexual health issues.”
    The study was conducted among more than 3,100 U.S adults in committed relationships. Survey results showed that people believe sex is an important topic but that when dealing with a sexual health problem we often shy away from having a conversation about it.
    To learn more about the survey findings, sexual health communications issues, and embark on a lively conversation, join us for a twitter chat this Thursday 11/20 at 3PM ET.


Here is a highlight of key findings:

Sexual Health Infographic - 9-24-14

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