why you should coach your kid's team

Why You Should Coach Your Child’s Sports Team

If you’re like most people, your kids will play some sport or a combination of sports when they’re young. Some parents are content to send their kids off to the field or court to be coached by someone else. Others want to get involved, spending quality time with their child while making memories that will last a lifetime. Should you coach your child’s sports team? That decision will probably come down your schedule and your appetite for teaching young people. Here’s why you should strongly consider it.

Building a Closer Family

Your family will thrive off of the bonds of shared experience. Youth sports can be a time when the kids are away doing their own thing. They can also be a time when everyone comes together for practices and games. Coaching will help you create a stronger family not just because of the time you’ll spend at the field. You’ll also have something to talk about with your kid when he comes home. This is especially important as the child gets older and figures out he doesn’t have as much in common with you as he might have thought.


Learning Some Patience

You can develop as a human being through the act of coaching. You’ll have to learn patience, as some kids won’t listen and some may even defy you. You’ll even learn communication skills that can be critical in your relationships or in your business life as you learn how to motivate your athletes to trust you and work together.


Don’t Forget the Health Benefits

Many moms and dads don’t have time to get to the gym. They don’t have time for an hour of running, either. Being a coach can help you get the exercise you’ve been missing. You’ll have a chance to run around a little bit while helping your kid and others learn a sport. While this won’t be Ironman training, it will provide you with an avenue for burning those extra calories.


Developing a Love for Sports

There’s something pure about getting out on a field or court to coach a game. You might find through coaching that your passion is motivating others to excel and do better in sporting events. You could even use that time to transition into school, where you could get an athletic administration degree. Coaching could light a fire under you that could lead to a fulfilling career.

If you want a way to improve yourself and spend more time with your kid, coaching his or her team is a great idea. You don’t have to be a coaching wizard to give it a try. You don’t even need to have been a great athlete. A willingness to teach, show patience and have fun are the only requirements.

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