What Knot to Do to Keep Your Hair

man bunsIf you’re one of those guys who follows celebrity fashion trends and hairstyles (and even if you’re not), you’ve noticed that a growing number of men are tying their hair up into a single knot on the top or back of their head. If you’ve been tempted to do the same to your hair, you may want to reconsider. A number of dermatologists and other experts believe that these man buns (sometimes called bro buns, hipster buns, or Samurai top knots) may result in permanent hair loss.

If losing your hair isn’t reason enough to dump the man bun, you may want to consider whether it’s having the desired effect. Sixty-two percent of the women surveyed said they either don’t like (35.5%) or hate (27.4%) man buns. And asked whether they think a current or past significant other would look attractive when sporting a man bun, 74.2% said No. Worse yet, the top five adjectives that come to women’s mind when seeing a guy with a man bun are, in order, feminine, trendy, weird, sexy, and hot. In case you missed it, “feminine” was number one. Not the image most fashion-conscious guys are trying to present.

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