How to Help Men Live Longer

The Telegraph's story about the Man From Belfast.
The Telegraph’s story about the Man From Belfast.

He was desperate, despondent and depressed. Both his life and marriage were falling apart, literally unraveling right in front of him. He mustered the strength to reach out and seek help. And he was cured of his disease.

Sounds like the “C” word, eh? Nope, he was cured of the “I” word: Infertility.

Read it in his own words here.

Infertility = Life

As one who has coauthored research showing the profound impact that being fertile can have on one’s life, I am convinced that it is as “deadly” as having cancer. Here’s how.

  • Both are common and strike at an “essence” of humanity, often enshrouding men with feelings of helplessness.
  • Both are medical “diseases” complete with heavy lifestyle and quality of life impacts.
  • Both may or may not be curable. One may kill you and the other comes close.
  • Both can last for years, and are constant reminders of one’s mortality.

I often tell infertile couples to not underestimate the impact of their “disease” upon their lives. Death has an odd “finality” to it that allows for healing, albeit slowly, after it occurs. But infertility can linger for years, festering like an open wound, and can make closure very difficult.

Medicine for Life

Through a combination of old fashioned medicine, high technology and good care, The Man from Belfast was cured of his infertility. And look what happened. It was as if someone blew wind into his sails: He started to smile again; He started exercising (and runs half marathons). He lost weight. He became productive and his marriage is thriving. Is he “back” now and as good as ever? Yup. Will he live longer as a result? I bet you any money on that too.

Dr. Paul Turek, Medical Contributor

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