Veterans Options for Aging

Many seniors who are veterans can no longer care for themselves but have no other option except to enter a long term care nursing facility. Many refuse this type of lifestyle change, as do many non-veterans, and decide to try to go it alone with little or no help to keep them healthy and safe.

Veterans now have another alternative to entering a facility. The US Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Foster Home Care Program is providing a home to veterans in many cities around the country.

Private homes with trained caregivers are taking in veterans and caring for them in a community-based environment, where they can continue to connect with their churches, friends, shopping and other activities that they enjoy. The home caregivers provide 24 hour service and personal care to the aging veteran, giving them a place to turn and someone who can provide lifelong care and stability.

The caregivers are required to meet criteria to qualify to care for veterans in their homes, such as first aid and CPR certification, background checks and home inspections of the care giving environment. The caregivers are reimbursed for their services from the veteran’s pension or other funds, ranging from $1200-$2500/month depending on the level of services required, such as living costs or necessary medical attention.

Because this community medical option provides safe housing for veterans at a lower cost than traditional long term care placement, many veterans who wish to remain out of a facility in a home setting that maintains their freedom have opted in to this program.  If you or a family member is a veteran, you may want to check out all your options to make the most appropriate choice for aging.

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