medical marijuana during pregnancy not recommended

The Downside of Getting High During Pregnancy

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and I are in our early 30s and want to start a family. To be perfectly honest, we’ve been regular weed and tobacco smokers for years. To get ready for pregnancy, though, we both quit cigarettes cold turkey. Beyond that, we disagree. I think we should also give up marijuana. My wife has reluctantly agreed to stop smoking, but she has a medical marijuana card and says that the edible kind is perfectly healthy and won’t hurt the baby. So two questions: Is consuming marijuana during pregnancy okay? If not, are the tablets or drops any better than smoking?

A: To be blunt, consuming marijuana during pregnancy is a terrible—and potentially dangerous—idea. And while the non-inhaled delivery mechanism may be less dangerous, they’re still a long, long way from “perfectly healthy.”

I just came back from a conference where one of the speakers, Ira Chasnoff, M.D., talked about this exact topic. To sum up his findings about marijuana, “contrary to popular perception, it is not a harmless drug, especially when used during pregnancy.” But let’s dig a little deeper.

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