Addiction And Substance Abuse –The Chicken Or The Egg

Some individuals possess what are called concurrent disorders. Individuals with concurrent disorders possess both a mental health illness as well as an addiction.  Some individuals who are depressed drink to mask their depression. Conversely, many alcoholics become clinically depressed over time because alcohol is a depressant and it changes their brain chemistry to produce chronic...Continue reading

Alcohol Withdrawal – What It Is and How to Help

When you think of withdrawal, your first thought is probably of those trying to end their dependence on illicit drugs like heroin or cocaine. You may have images of someone who is terribly ill, sweating, shaking and experiencing any number of other symptoms, from headaches and vomiting to hallucinations. What you might not realize is...Continue reading

Teens at risk–and the adults who aren’t paying enough attention

72% of all deaths among young people aged 10–24 years were caused by one of four causes: car crashes (26%), other unintentional injuries (17%), homicide (16%), and suicide (13%). And hundreds of thousands of teens are affected by non-fatal but life-disrupting conditions such as sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and teen pregnancy. The big problem is...

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