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Sperm Counts “Falling” — Do I Really Need a Semen Analysis?

It’s amazing how a simple sperm count became a full-on, prime time “Sperm War.” I was asked to speak on Shade 45, Eminem’s SiriusXM channel, about the hullabaloo concerning the claim that men’s sperm counts are falling. And, to address the notion that we are headed for…that’s right…extinction! And the Answer Is… What struck me most while on the...Continue reading

Take a Moment and Picture Your Fertility

How do you solve tough problems? Maybe you pick at them until they’re gone. Maybe you dance around them until they’re contained. One thing I like to do is to step away and examine them as an outsider, from a completely different perspective. In other words, get out of the trees and look at the whole...Continue reading

Helping Wounded Veterans Live and Love

His kidney harbored a cancer and it needed to be removed. As a first year surgeon-in-training, I was consenting him for surgery at the Veterans Hospital in Philadelphia. Unlike most patients, he was unusually calm as I talked him through the procedure and its potentially life threatening complications. At one point, he gently put his...Continue reading

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