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Rapid Radiation Therapy That Takes a Fraction of the Time

Faster treatment is possible for more cancers, thanks to hypofractionated radiotherapy. Faster isn’t always better, but in the case of radiation therapy for some cancers, accelerating radiation courses can help patients get on the road to recovery sooner. Today, about half of people with cancer are treated with radiation therapy, or radiotherapy. This treatment, which was...Continue reading

Diagnosed with Testicular Cancer? Know Your Options

Testicular cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in younger men, aged 15 through 35. Luckily with early detection and treatment, about 96-99 percent of patients with testicular cancer survive this diagnosis and remain cancer free for 5 or many more years after. Even when testicular cancer is caught in more advanced stages, the cure rate is...Continue reading

Radiation For Prostate Cancer Has Proven Once Again That It Leads To More Complications Than Surgery

For men with prostate cancer, deciding whether to opt for radiation or surgical removal of the gland can be overwhelming. How does one decide with the risks such as the unpleasant side-effect of erectile dysfunction and incontinence? With prostate cancer the 2nd most common malignancy, second only to skin cancer. Unfortunately over 240,000 men are...Continue reading

Does Your Spouse Have Breast Cancer? You Need to Know This (and So Does She)

Over the past decade, women who’ve received a dreaded diagnosis of breast cancer, have tended to choose mastectomy (removal of the breast)—even in the case of small or early-stage cancers. However, women who combined a lumpectomy (removal of only the tumor) with radiation had significantly higher survival rates than those who opted for the mastectomy.Continue reading

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